Phone Systems

Scalable, Professional Phone Systems by Ooma Office. Customizable designs to support restaurants in peak times and off hours.

Clear, Flexible & Reliable Communication

There is a lot that goes into running a restaurant. From scheduling employee shifts to tracking supplies and food orders to taking reservations, clear and reliable communication is key to any restaurant’s success. 

Whether you run a fine dining, quick-serve, fast food restaurant or food truck, there are many duties that restaurant staff need to conduct on a daily basis. MyRestaurantAdmin is here to lead management in their need to be agile when working with suppliers so they have the right products, especially food and beverages. Along with the hosts that need to communicate clearly with customers while scheduling reservations, planning events or taking carry-out orders. 


Industry-proven products supported by experienced, local and certified experts

Cloud Based

A cloud-based phone system enables your restaurant to manage communication services in a less costly, more streamlined and agile manner

User Friendly

Products designed by restaurant professionals to meet the needs of staff, management and customers

High Quality

With features like Virtual Receptionist, MyRestaurantAdmin can incorporate a system that enhances customer service, driving repeat business and strong reviews


The Ooma mobile app can keep your staff connected no matter where they are, because constant communication is key


Feature rich enterprise level equipment made for your budget

Professional Installation
Complete Customization
Increased Efficiency
Expanding Possibilities

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