Starting a New Concept

So you have decided to put everything you have into opening a restaurant. It’s your dream to do so and you have received lots of encouragement to follow your dreams. The concept is perfect, something that is trending with your unique twist. The menu compliments it self, you have executed all the dishes, thought about your customer’s dining experience and even what you want your place to look like.


Restaurateurs come by way of BOH or FOH, neither with a concentration in back office administration and technology. My Restaurant Admin is here to be your partner to ensure your concepts get off the ground with the proper infrastructure to ensure your success. We will provide support every step of the way and tailor our services to your specific concept and needs. We will install and implement the right solutions that create a unique dining experience while protecting your investment and developing a unique brand.

Wifi Systems


Do I need Wifi throughout my building?

Wifi for my guests?

Is it secure?

Security Cameras


Where do I need cameras?

How many do I need?

Can I watch when I am not there?



What kind of computer do I need?

What software is needed?

How do I keep it secure?



Do I need wires run?

How do I connect with POS and  Cameras?

Where am I putting my stations?



I want a professional email.

How do I capture customer's email addresses?

How do I send out mass emails?



What do I want my menus to look like?

What types of paper?

What about to go menus and advertising?



What features do I want on my website?

How will I update it?

Can I accept payment through my website?

Social Media


How do I setup social media accounts?

What ones do I use?

What else do I need to do?

We will guide you every step of the way.

Why My Restaurant Admin?

Industry Specific Knowledge

Industry specific knowledge and best practices to support your concept and relieve start up pressure.

Scalable Products

Offering products and solutions that fit every concept and every budget and grow with you.

Integrated Technology Solutions

Working with restaurant technology solutions that provides the best staff and customer experience.

Partnership Network

Access to other industry professionals that can help answer questions and grow your business.

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