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5 Pro Tips from MyRestaurantAdmin

Creating A Secure Wi-Fi Network

Restaurants rely on a network more today than ever before to deliver excellent service to their clients through POS Systems, Wi-Fi, TVs, and Music. But do we keep it secure and still offer guests the opportunity to connect if they need to? Creating a secure network comes with having the right equipment. Equipment that allows you to segregate and prioritize your network to ensure critical services are always up. Its starts with creating separate Local Area Networks (LANs) that segment essential services from non-critical. Your Point of Sale, for example, should have priority over all devices as it is the gateway to the kitchen and how credit cards are processed. Secondly, entertainment services such as TVs and Music should be on stable, independent networks, so they are not interrupted during service. And finally, leaving enough bandwidth for your guests to connect and enjoy free Wi-Fi as a benefit of their dining experience. At MyRestaurantAdmin, we can identify, install and maintain the right equipment to meet all business model’s needs while providing reliable, secure and prioritized networks for business-critical services.

Protect Your Guests, Staff & Property

Security Cameras are a critical component of a restaurant in today’s world to ensure guest, staff, and property safety. They are overview tools for management, security for after-hours and piece-of-mind for owners. Reliability, placement, playback, and recording build a functional security camera system. But how do you identify the right system and where to place the cameras? At MyRestaurantAdmin, we can help identify, install and maintain security cameras with several rich features, including audio recording, two-way audio, night vision and mobile phone playback.

Arranging Pricing On Menus

 The presentation and arrangement of your menu can help guide guests toward certain items that restaurants wish to sell more often. This is accomplished by presenting your menu in a readable fashion and nesting the pricing at the end of the description to keep the focus away from the cost and guest’s attention to preparation and description.
At MyRestaurantAdmin, we specialize in menu design and printing to help create a wonderful guest experience.

Understanding Financial Statements To Make Informed Decisions

 The passion behind any restaurant is the ownership and staff dedicated to hard work and their craft. Chef’s assemble unique offerings by developing simple ingredients into mouth-watering masterpieces. In turn, the front of the house operates meticulously to create an unforgettable experience focusing on every detail.
Now, behind all of that, financial bookkeeping and reports help guide owners and operators to make informed decisions about their business outside of the food and the experiences. When concepts work with MyRestaurantAdmin, we will develop and interpret financial reports that companies understand, guiding the business decision-making process more efficiently.

Maintaining An Online Presence

 On a typical Friday night, potential customers decide where they would like to spend their hard-earned money by having a wonderful dining experience. They browse the internet, find websites and review online menu offerings. If something catches their eye, they decide to make a reservation. Unfortunately, the menu shown online is not current, and the dishes they were hoping for are no longer available.
As a one-stop-shop for all things menus- design, printing and online presence, MyRestaurantAdmin ensures online presence is up-to-date and reflects the restaurant’s current state. By providing in-house services, MyRestaurantAdmin can support concepts every step of maintaining the internet and social presence that earns revenue.

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